Men in White | Yacht Traitement Anti-Feu MGN580

MFR services cover all categories of yachts from leisure to commercial, under and over 500 GRT.
Contact us for advise and further information on the full range of NX2FLAMETECT applications to IMO FTP 2010 and MGN 580 (replacing MGN 453
on the 1st January 2020) Standards.
MFR has developed the NX2FLAMETECT Marine Range to exceed the performance standards required.
• NX2 is a Nitrogen Based Effective Flame Retardant specifically designed for the Marine Market and produced in an ISO 9000 Environment
thus ensuring performance, and consistency in quality.
• NX2 is Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous. It is not a marine pollutant and is classified safe to transport internationally by air, land and sea.
Additionally, NX2 Is Dermatologically Friendly. Something vitally important for textiles and carpeting, continuously in contact with skin.
• NX2 is Non-Corrosive to all metals, ferrous & non ferrous (see our tests), & will not contribute to the degradation of a vessels structural & decorative metals.
NX2 also has a Low Hygroscopy (Affinity to Water) & does not readily absorb moisture, leach out or progressively degrade in a marine environment and does not contain any chemicals on any international ‘Banned’ or ‘to be Phased-out lists’.
• NX2 contains low levels of ‘People Friendly’ Biocides that are effective against bacteria that can cause discomfort & subsequent loss of income on board vessels including NoroVirus, MRSA, MSSA, mould and mildew. (see our tests)
All flame retardants under MGN 580 complying to IMO 2010 (FTP) Code must be applied by a Service Provider approved by a Nominated UK Body appointed under Statutory Instrument 1999 1957 to ensure compliance to the Code